Twitter Catalog Search and Update Service

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Twitter Catalog Search and Update Service Description

To create a Twitter account and twitter bot for the library which will allow students to search the library catalog for print materials using twitter and also allow the librarians to tweet/update students about newly acquired online and physical resources available from the library.

Benefits of Twitter Catalog Search and Update Service

  • Assisting students with their academic research
  • Create an archive of tweets to develop a history of topics searched enhancing collection development.
  • Enable students to access twitter and execute a quick search of the library catalog using Twitters mention format.
  • To promote the library print collection
  • Students can keep their searches in their Twitter account creating bibliographies


Goals/Objectives for Twitter Catalog Search and Update Service:

  • To meet our students where they are, which increasingly is online therefore providing this service will offer the students additional access to the library’s print collection. 
  • Students can receives updates of acquisitions.

Action Brief Statement:

  • Convince the Vice President and Dean of Instruction that by using Twitter in partner with the library catalog:    
  • Will promote newly acquired materials to our student population
  • Will make the library print resources more discoverable, which is the persistent goal of the library and is in conjunction with the library’s mission statement, which in part states “to connect the students, faculty and community to a world of information”.

Evidence and Resources to support Twitter Catalog Search and Update Service:

In Twitter Catalog Search

Using Twitter for updates

Mission, Guidelines, and Policy related to the proposed Twitter Catalog Search and Update Service:

  • Setting Policy
    • Vice President – Office of Instruction
    • Dean, Office of Instruction –
    • Guidelines for use and example policies
      • The Public Information and marketing office
      • Developing the service and setting and enforcing policy
        • Head Librarian – Library

Guidelines for use:

  • In Twitter Catalog Search
    • Use twitter mentions and hashtags to provide a reply to students who search the library catalog

      Using Twitter for updates:
  • Guidelines for using Tweets in broadcasting
  • How to post a link in a Tweet on the web.
  • The Public Information and marketing office of the College
  • Use twitters link shortening
  • Use tweeting safety

Funding Considerations for this Technology or Service: 

  • No funding will be required.
  • Scheduled staff time will be used to create, administer and manage the Twitter Account and will be incorporated in the librarians scheduled workday.

Action Steps & Timeline: 

  • Choose a twitter account name that will represent the library once that has been determined development of the twitter bot can begin.
  • The timeline for development, testing and delivery is estimated at two semesters, which will include development and testing.  
  • The Twitter Catalog Search and Update Service will be prototyped and tested by the librarians during the first semester of the development period.
  • Select staff and disciplinary faculty will use the service during the second semester testing to test the functioning of the twitter bot.
  • The Vice President and Dean of Instruction as well as The Public Information and marketing office will need to sign off on this project before it goes live
  • If the plan is rejected the librarian will identify the reason(s) for the rejection and modify the project in light of objections.

Project flow dependencies

  • In order for the project to move forward we will need approvals from the vice president and the Dean of Instruction for each step in the timeline.
    • Development (end of first semester)
    • Testing (end of second semester)

Staffing considerations for this service: 

  • This is a new service that will not require additional staff
  • The librarians will post and reply to the Twitter account from the reference desk, and during library orientations to routinely demonstrate the service to the students.   
  • When librarians are off the reference desk Twitter can be used to alert students to changes in databases, new books and other media.  

Training for this Technology or Service:  

  • The librarian will develop the short steps and include information about mentions and hash tags that students and staff can use to create a search which will be published on the libraries website and/or in a libguide.
  • Training can take place at a time convenient for the students, staff and faculty.

Promotion & Marketing for this Technology or Service: 

  • Place signage at points in the library.
  • Send email to students at the beginning of each semester using the ILS to inform/remind students of the service. 
  • Place a link on the library website linking to the service.


  • To evaluate the Twitter Catalog Search the librarian will use Twitter Analytics to determine if the service is being utilized.

Twitter Catalog Search

  • Survey students informally at reference, during orientations and at the circulation desk to see if they feel that it is helpful.
  • If the Twitter Catalog Search service if used and helpful to the students, plans can be explored to expand to expand the twitter bot to include articles and media such as DVDs and Music CDs to be included in catalog search results.
  • Growth projection to be determined following the first year of the project.

Using Twitter for updates

  • To evaluate the Twitter Update Service, the librarian will use Twitter Analytics and to determine quantitatively if the service is being utilized by students in the form of follows, tweets or retweets over a one-year period.
  • Growth projection to be determined following the first year of the project.

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